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Entellus Medical Case Study

Entellus Medical Case Study - App Data Room

Company Overview

Entellus Medical delivers innovative, high quality, minimally invasive therapeutic solutions to healthcare providers and their patients who suffer from sinusitis.


Entellus needed a way to push new materials to their sales force. It was important that whether they were uploading a new video or updating a powerpoint presentation that sales had immediate access. The IT department wanted an easy to deploy solution and needed something scalable for the amount of data and number of users they were supporting.

Our Solution

Entellus’ deployment of App Data Room was a simple process of uploading media and assigning security. They were able to give virtual instant updates to sales. The IT staff responsible for implementation commented that deploying and using App Data Room was as basic and simple as anything they could hope to encounter in their IT role.

“The deployment was very simple and straightforward… I can’t think of an easier solution.”

Drew Hendrickson
Senior Manager Information Technology