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Meditech Case Study

Meditech Case Study - App Data Room

Company Overview

Founded in 1993, Meditech Communications, Inc. is one of North America’s leading digital production studios, specializing in mobile app development, 3D animation, and video production for the medical device industry. With a history of developing custom mobile sales apps, Meditech recognized the growing market for a branded, feature rich and Cloud based alternative.


A number of businesses come to Meditech needing a mobile sales application. They typically want advanced features; like analytics, integrations with marketing automation and CRM, and compatibility across platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). Unfortunately, many clients are reluctant to make the significant investment. Meditech saw the need for a lower cost alternative that still provided sophisticated features.

Our Solution

Meditech and App Data Room entered into an agreement where Meditech could provide its client base with access to App Data Room’s leading sales enablement platform. Meditech’s customers love that App Data Room is able to offer a branded sales app that meets their requirements at a price point never imagined.


By adopting the App Data Room platform, Meditech’s clients benefit from a proven, feature-rich mobile app that can be rapidly launched and at a far greater value than other custom development options. Meditech profits from the additional revenue. An added benefit to Meditech is increased business in developing content like HTML5 bundles, video and 3D animation that clients use on the App Data Room mobile platform.