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Modus at a Glance

Over 70,000 sales and marketing professionals use Modus to conduct 250,000 Critical Customer Conversations Everyday. Our clients include the world’s leading manufacturing companies. For example, the next time you drive a by construction site you’ll probably see a Caterpillar excavator or Bobcat tractor.

You’ll see Konecrane’s huge cranes moving containers at ports all around the world. If you ever had an MRI at a hospital, it was probably manufactured by Philips MRI and you probably rested on a Hill-rom hospital bed. The school bus or big rig you might pass on the freeway could be made by Navistar. The next glass of wine you have might made with enzymes provided Novozymes.

Remote Users

We Are a Mobile Company

Here’s what we mean by the word "mobile."

When you think about every company, there are employees who work at the corporate office at the same location everyday. Since they don’t move around, they have online access to company information over the network.

However, most of the employees at companies today work remotely and dynamically move around from location to location. They include field salespeople, the sales engineers who support them, all the sales and marketing people who work for the company’s dealers, resellers, distributors, and even remote inside salespeople. We provide digital solutions for these mobile workers.

We Are a Digital Transformation Company

We help sales and marketing organizations complete their digital transformation journey. Part of that journey is eliminating paper and printed materials. We fundamentally believe that the customer has changed in how they want to receive product information. They don’t want to sift through printed catalogs of information, they want digital access. Moreover, we don’t want you to have to print expensive catalogs or brochures.


We are a digital first company who has saved our clients millions of dollars in printed material savings!

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The Modus "Mantra"

Modus helps companies capture more new customers, create compelling content, communicate product differentiation, compare collateral effectiveness, and close more business.


Modus Communicate is a digital collateral repository with fully brandable native mobile applications salespeople use to share content with customers.

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Modus Create enables you to create stunning interactive product demonstrations and virtual-reality like experience from static images, copy and video.

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Modus Capture turns your tablet or phone into a badge or business card scanning device and fully automated marketing platform with CRM integration.

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Modus Compare provides marketing asset performance analytics to see what your salespeople, dealers and distributors are using and prioritize spending.

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