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More Leads, Relevant Follow Up

Lead Capture® helps you generate, organize, and follow up with your event and trade show leads, all from one intuitive platform.

Lead Capture turns your tablet or phone into a badge and business card scanning device. Engage event and trade show attendees with your media and sales collateral while collecting their information at the same time. Teams on the floor can now scan and auto-populate predetermined fields and enter additional qualifying information, such as product needs or timeline and budget. Leads that are retrieved can be sent information or feed into CRM or marketing automation platforms for follow up and nurturing.

  • Capture leads at shows and events.
  • Works on iOS and Android devices.
  • Store all your documents on the mobile device.
  • Organize media for quick access.
  • Update content instantly via the cloud.
  • Integrate with CRM and Marketing Automation for seamless follow-up and lead nurturing.

Connected Intelligence

Lead Capture® makes it quick and easy to automatically send leads to your CRM and Marketing Automation systems. Avoid manual data entry and ensure that all the valuable lead data is accessible where you need it most.

Seamless lead retrieval integration with top data providers

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