The Sales And Marketing Digital Transformation Journey

USB Drive

First it was a Flash Drive Full of Marketing Collateral...


Marketing Assets Were Loaded Into a CRM Next...


Then Placed on a Intranet or Dropbox...


Today, It's The Modus Enterprise
Digital Sales Enablement Platform!

Modus Provides Companies a Complete Digital
Transformation of their Sales Distribution Channel Strategy

Your remote salespeople worldwide don’t have the luxury of an online connection when meeting with clients. With our enterprise digital sales enablement platform, all the information salespeople need for the next sales call is immediately available on their tablet, phone, or laptop.

Modus-built applications are intuitive because salespeople don’t have the time to be trained. Salespeople can customize their presentations and you can create strategies which govern the content users see. Your salespeople in France will only see collateral in French.

Today, Every Business is a Digital Business

Fortune 1000 manufacturers are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to digitize their supply chains to ensure they are uninterrupted. A product can be sourced in Japan, tracked across the ocean to California, and finally shipped to Chicago. However, there’s a key link in the chain that’s missing. That’s the digital experience of the customer meeting the salesperson. We call this that “Last Mile” of the supply chain.

Modus is the Only Company that Provides Manufacturers with the Digital
Transformation of the "Last Mile" of their Supply Chain

manufacturing supply chain model
Manufacturing industry best practices

We Heart Manufacturers

We have a close-knit family of clients because of our manufacturing industry focus.

We have a passionate user group that shares ideas with each other and cares immensely about our product direction. We listen to them and in conjunction with our customer advisory council, define our future technology roadmap. The end result is a product range that solves our customers most important digital sales enablement challenges.

Our clients include manufacturers across a wide variety of industries. This experience allows us to share the best practices we have learned from within and outside your industry and apply them to your implementation.

Case Study


Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment with a global dealer network of over 220 dealers in over 180 countries.


Caterpillar needed a way provide marketing materials and product information to its broad network of dealers, quickly, efficiently and in a format that could be deployed worldwide on a variety of platforms and languages


Caterpillar now has over 19,000 users of their custom branded digital app, called the CAT mobile sales app. Dealers now have a beautiful, media-rich platform to show videos and 360-degree views of large equipment in any sales meeting. Many of the dealers have created their own app which allows them to add materials and branding that are unique to their dealership while still having access to Caterpillar corporate media libraries and maintaining the brand integrity of Caterpillar.

Case Studies

The Modus "Mantra"

Modus helps companies capture more new customers, create compelling content, communicate product differentiation, compare collateral effectiveness, and close more business.



Our flagship, industry leading, enterprise level, digital collateral repository with fully brand-able native mobile application.

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content that sells

Create stunning interactive product demos and virtual-reality like experiences from static images, copy and video.

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more leads

Turn your tablet or phone into a badge or business card scanner and fully automated marketing platform with CRM integration.

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Easily see what your salespeople, dealers and distributors are actually using with asset performance analytics

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