Keep customers engaged all the way through the buying process.

Worried about losing buyers?


Modus helps you stay connected with next-generation enterprise mobile solutions

that align your sales and marketing teams to grow sales, boost trade show ROI, and engage your customers in a whole new way.


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Align sales and marketing to grow sales


Are you frustrated that your sales content is not being used? You’re not alone. SiriusDecisions research uncovered that over 65% of sales content created by marketing is never used by sales because users are not aware of it, it’s too difficult to find, or it’s irrelevant to the conversation. We can help. With our App Data Room® sales enablement platform your sales teams, distributors, dealers, and channel partners will always have access to the right materials at the right time to deliver the perfect presentation.


Boost trade show ROI


Tired of lost trade show leads and untimely sales follow up? Turn your tablet or phone into a badge/business card scanning device with our Lead Capture® platform for smart lead capture and retrieval. Scan trade show badges and business cards, auto-populate predetermined fields, and enter additional qualifying information such as product needs, timeline, and budget. Leads that are retrieved can be sent information immediately or feed into CRM or marketing automation platforms for follow up and nurturing all from one intuitive platform.

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Engage your buyers in a whole new way 


Go beyond PDFs and spec sheets. Bring your sales presentations to life with our MX Studio® interactive content creation platform.  Engage your customers with rich, interactive content experiences that you can build and edit in-house with zero coding skills required. Quickly convert static content to stunning interactive media presentations, 360-degree spin sets, and product tours. Deploy to any mobile device or website and sit back and watch your customers engage.