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noun  mo·dus \ˈmōdəs\
A mode of procedure :  a way of doing something.


noun  en·gage·ment \in-ˈgāj-mənt, en-\
The act of engaging or condition of being engaged.


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App Data Room is the leading enterprise sales enablement and marketing asset performance platform that assists global sales and marketing teams to organize, store, share, present, and track content. The platform is designed to be highly intuitive and integrates with core software systems for an entirely seamless experience.


Content and marketing assets for a global sales force can be structured to easily support users anywhere in the world, in any language. User groups and content can be organized however you need, including by location, language, role, user, and more. Sales teams, distributors, and channel partners always have access to the up-to-date materials they need at the right time, to deliver the perfect sales presentation.


Enterprise sales & marketing teams appreciate the usage analytics, machine learning, and guided selling generated from the platform to provide the latest and most effective content in an efficient manner.


Generate more leads and maximize ROI for trade shows & events.


Lead Capture premium lead retrieval helps you generate, organize, and follow up with event and trade show leads, all from one intuitive platform.


Retrieve leads at shows and events and access the full lead information in real-time as they are generated (no waiting for a spreadsheet after the show). Access and share all content directly from any mobile device and update content on all devices instantly via the cloud. Integrate with CRM & Marketing Automation for seamless follow-up and nurturing.

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Modus Experience (MX) Studio allows you to create rich, interactive content experiences with zero coding skills required.


Go beyond PDFs and spec sheets. Projects that used to be reserved for programmers and agencies can now be built and edited in-house.


Quickly convert static content to create interactive media, 360-degree spin sets, and product tours and deploy to any device or website, then sit back and watch as your customers engage.