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Our Story

Our story began with the introduction of the very first iPad and the vision of a few innovative medical device organizations.

When these companies replaced their sales teams’ laptop computers with tablets, they needed a more effective way to organize, share, present, and track interactive sales media and content.  This marked the beginning of App Data Room®, our flagship product, and the easiest way to manage and deploy your marketing and sales materials to a widely distributed audience.

Empower Your Team

Today, the App Data Room sales enablement and marketing asset performance platform is relied upon by global organizations, large and small, to put the right content in the hands of the right user, wherever in the world they need it.

The platform’s all-in-one approach to sales and marketing provides real insight and control over how your marketing media supports sales meetings. It also empowers your marketing and sales teams to collaborate more effectively to engage customers and grow sales.

Re-imagine Sales and Marketing

Our Modus team is committed to driving the innovations needed to shape the future of sales, marketing, and customer engagement through next-generation digital technology solutions. Since our beginning in 2012, Our solutions have evolved to meet our clients’ unique and often complex needs.

In addition to our App Data Room sales enablement and marketing asset performance platform, we offer Lead Capture® to help you to seamlessly retrieve, manage, and track event and trade show leads from one intuitive platform, and MX Studio® to help you to quickly create stunning content and rich interactive marketing experiences that engage your audiences in a whole new way.

Accelerate Sales Growth

Helping clients grow sales has been our passion from day one. Our feature-rich mobile platforms offer easy-to-use tools that you can deploy quickly with virtually no training, accelerating your speed to market,  and marketing ROI, and sales growth. As a result, our mobile technology has driven over a million sales conversations in more than 43 languages between enterprise sales professionals and their customers.

To learn more about our next generation solutions and how they are empowering sales and marketing teams around the world, view our Products page and client Case Studies, or Schedule a Demo with one of our sales professionals.  We look forward to meeting you!

Our Team

Orrin Broberg

President & CEO

Scott Olson


Jeff Cronk

VP of Engineering

Adam Luckeroth

VP of Sales

Judy German

Chief Marketing Officer

Stuart Loecker

Director of Client Services

Andrey Mitin

Director of Software Development

Ashley Martin

Sr. Enterprise Account Executive

Carla Heir


Robin Tinker

Customer Success Manager

Stephanie Ussatis

Digital Marketing Specialist

Aaron Wirth

Software Developer

Danica Caudillo

Customer Service Specialist

Nick Adams

Account Executive

Elliott Johnson

Sales and Partner Development Director

Emily Werdal

Visual Designer

Thomas Buchanan

Sr. Sales Development Rep

Jessica Oakes

Full Stack Software Engineer

Nathan Walsh

Software Engineer

Katie Heinemann

Software Engineer