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Modus Compare provides you with Marketing Asset Performance Data Analytics so you can See What Assets Your Salespeople, Dealers and Distributors Are Using. This enables to spot under and Overperforming Marketing Collateral so you can Reprioritize marketing asset Budget.

Know the Truth

Most of our clients have been able to prove that longer in-depth brochures that were originally created for print do not perform well in today’s digital marketplace. As a result, they have reallocated their budgets for higher performing interactive and video content based upon proven viewership statistics.

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The Modus "Mantra"

Modus helps companies capture more new customers, create compelling content, communicate product differentiation, compare collateral effectiveness, and close more business.


Modus Communicate is a digital collateral repository with fully brandable native mobile applications salespeople use to share content with customers.

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Modus Create enables you to create stunning interactive product demonstrations and virtual-reality like experience from static images, copy and video.

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Modus Capture turns your tablet or phone into a badge or business card scanning device and fully automated marketing platform with CRM integration.

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Modus Compare provides marketing asset performance analytics to see what your salespeople, dealers and distributors are using and prioritize spending.

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