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Create Compelling Digital Collateral that Closes Business

Go Beyond PDFs and Data Sheets

Easily produce stunning content experiences to engage your audience in a whole new way. Quickly convert static content such as images, copy, and video into stunning interactive product demonstrations, 360-degree spin sets, product tours, and more. Then deploy to any mobile device or website, and sit back and watch as your customers engage. Modus Communicate allows you to create rich interactive content, with zero coding skills required.


Click on the iPad to Test Drive Modus

Customers Can Test Drive Your Products from Their Own Device

Take your customers on an interactive product demonstration! Customers can essentially climb into the cab of the tractor or drill down on the innerworkings of a wheel assembly. Modus Communicate allows you to easily add and edit hotspots to showcase important features and provide multiple paths of learning for your products and services.

Interactions are tracked and reported to give you a clear understanding of points of interest and content effectiveness. This allows you to script the perfect product demonstration for your sales teams.

Presenting the Killer Sales App!

Defeat the Competition!

Enable your salespeople to differentiate themselves from the competition and bond with customers using discovery-centric sales process. Instead of customary probing questions or run-of-the-mill PowerPoint presentations, engage the prospect with stunning 3D product demonstrations and stimulate their imagination. Following the meeting, the salesperson can send the virtual product tours to the customer that will create a viral presence within the customer’s organization

The Modus "Mantra"

Modus helps companies capture more new customers, create compelling content, communicate product differentiation, compare collateral effectiveness, and close more business.


Modus Communicate is a digital collateral repository with fully brandable native mobile applications salespeople use to share content with customers.

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Modus Create enables you to create stunning interactive product demonstrations and virtual-reality like experience from static images, copy and video.

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Modus Capture turns your tablet or phone into a badge or business card scanning device and fully automated marketing platform with CRM integration.

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Modus Compare provides marketing asset performance analytics to see what your salespeople, dealers and distributors are using and prioritize spending.

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“Modus is one of the rare platforms that my sales team has personally thanked me for providing.”

Kristin Knox | DSI
President & CEO

“With this we are able to tie leads from events to actual sales.”

Rachel Perva | Caterpillar
Market Development Consultant

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