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Top 10 Comments Overheard at Modus Summit 2.0

The second-annual Modus Summit, held a couple of weeks ago, featured double the content and attendance – and definitely the inspiration.

I’ve had many conversations with customers where they have revealed their fear of not moving fast enough in digitally transforming their sales and marketing. But when they come together for the Modus summit, this fear eases and inspiration takes its place. It’s evident in the conversations I couldn’t help but overhear at this year’s summit. While there were many recurring topics, these are 10 of the best:


“Do you guys integrate Modus with CRM or marketing automation?”

This hot topic was discussed at every table and I wasn’t surprised. Most companies’ marketing and sales processes are in the midst of digital transformation, and software to enable this continuously advances. As Todd Speranzo, Vice President of Marketing for Avella Specialty Pharmacy, pointed out in his presentation, integrating Modus software with marketing automation has given him a leg up on competition. If you don’t want to get left behind, it’s time to consider this.  


“We really do need to step up our trade show game.”

This topic was nearly universal. There’s something about trade shows that cause forward-thinking, tech-savvy people to go old school. Envision business cards,  with illegible notes scribbled on the back, tossed into fish bowls. And even though they know brochures will get tossed in the trash without a second thought, they hand them out anyway. (#Protip: We can digitally transform this process and integrate it with your marketing automation – see above.)


“When is Kevin from Caterpillar presenting?”

Kevin Espinosa, Digital Marketing Manager for Caterpillar, has celebrity status with all of us here at Modus because of our work with him; he has that reputation among our customers as well. Everyone was excited for his presentation and he didn’t disappoint. He inspired everyone as he demonstrated Caterpillar’s impressive virtual product tours – developed within Modus Create -and spoke candidly about how his digital strategy is evolving.


“Does anyone want to collaborate about training?”

The best software in the world is useless if people don’t know how to use it. That’s why I would love for non-competing customers to collaborate  on training best practices to respond to their challenges. That’s also why we will have a stronger focus on collaborative training in the coming year and at next year’s summit. You can join our LinkedIn Super User Group here to ask questions and give feedback.


“That conversation about Artificial Intelligence with Scott was cool.”

We’re bombarded by all kinds of hype about artificial intelligence (AI). We hear about benefits and miracles, and potential pitfalls and reasons to be terrified. We get confused about what AI is and how it works. Furthermore, too much of the information about AI is clickbait.

That’s why Scott Olson, the Modus CTO, provided attendees a smart, ethical and informed perspective on AI. This made us all feel good and excited, instead of confused or terrified. (Thanks, Scott.)


“And I thought we had a complicated sales network.”

If there was an award for complicated sales networks, Turck would have won. Pete Goede, regional sales manager for the global engineering company, kept his presentation light-hearted, but clearly it’s a major challenge for them to keep everyone updated with the right content. They certainly have even challenged our engineers in configuring their users and content groups. I recall a meeting where at least three engineers, including Scott, were frantically plastering a whiteboard with columns, circles, and arrows. Nonetheless, our passion is helping customers solve problems like this, so bring us your challenges, we’re here to help.


“We need to be thinking about our buyers more.”

This idea hit home with everyone in the audience. I explained that buyer engagement isn’t about giving salespeople what they want; it’s about giving salespeople what their buyers want. At Modus, our raison d’etre is to help you achieve this.


“How do we know what our buyers want?”

Kevin Espinosa pointed out that buyers want an appropriate and valuable digital experience; Alice Heiman countered that buyers want to speak and collaborate human to human. At Modus, our goal is to help marketers and sales professionals strike the perfect balance between the two.


“I think you can get analytics on app and content usage by dealer or distributor now.”

This is true. We responded to customer needs by figuring out a way to build app- and content-usage analytics into our software. Just add all your locations, tag users to them, and filter the usage data by location. It’s configurable too, so if you have a sales network that needs to be set up for analytics, let us know.


“Is there another happy hour?”

This was also true. The Super User Happy Hour at Can Can Wonderland was quite a celebration. I believe the nacho bar was described as “what you would serve if you were a teenager throwing a party when your parents are out of town and you had an unlimited budget,” which went well with the multitudes of vintage arcade games and giant, boozy ice-cream drinks.


**Bonus Question: “When can I sign up for next year’s Modus Summit 3.0?”

GREAT QUESTION. We’re currently working out some details and we’ll be in touch with you when we get the dates set. Stay tuned!