Avella Specialty Pharmacy is widely recognized for its national specialty pharmacy services and high-touch customer service. Since starting as a single location in 1996, Avella has grown to include regional and retail hub locations across the country, as well as two central home delivery facilities. Avella fills 55,000 complex and expensive prescriptions a month, serving approximately 85,000 patients a year. To provide the best customer service possible, Avella works with health care providers to eliminate the administrative and clinical burdens of these complex prescriptions.


Avella’s small, agile marketing team supports assets in all 50 states across a variety of verticals and specialties, but their existing processes were not leveraging digital assets for sales representatives in a personal, efficient and engaging way. The lack of an interactive, sales-friendly platform limited the team’s speed to market with new content, creating a delay in getting material to market and escalating print costs. Avella needed a way to streamline their content distribution process while making their material more interactive and engaging, to integrate field activities with their HubSpot and Salesforce systems, and to track and report KPI’s to better understand which content was being leveraged by field-based sales teams.  Finally, Avella needed a way to ensure regulatory control of material to safeguard against outdated material being viewed by customers.

“We Partner With Companies That Have Disruptive Ideas, Strong UI/UX, And That Enable Us To Rapidly Launch New Technologies.  We Were Able To Launch The Initial Phase To All Sales Staff In

Under 30 Days, And That Timeline Included Integration With Our Marketing Automation Software And Field Training.”

Todd Speranzo

Vice President, Marketing


Avella launched a custom-tailored instance of Modus’ mobile sales enablement platform with no IT department support needed. Says Todd Speranzo, Vice President, Marketing “We partner with companies that have disruptive ideas, strong UI/UX, and that enable us to rapidly launch new technologies.  We were able to launch the initial phase to all sales staff in under 30 days, and that timeline included integration with our marketing automation software and field training.”


In the first month of using Modus, Avella achieved 100% adoption among over 50 actively employed Sales assets, with all successfully trained and with at least 1 log-in to the platform. Also in the first 30 days, Avella generated 166 Follow-ups / new leads.  These leads are automatically synced with HubSpot, appropriately segmented into workflows, and actively engaged in ongoing drip campaigns which increases the critical volume of monthly touchpoints to high-value customers and prospects.

With line-of-sight to the most popular/used marketing material, Avella can analyze hundreds of pieces of collateral, understand what is valued by Sales and customers, and focus effort on the types of content being leveraged. Notably, the most active users are also some of the most successful Sales assets. A National Sales Director for Avella said, “This is an incredible tool! Crazy good. #GameChanger.”

Over time Avella expects usage and adoption, cost per media use, amount and quality of creative elements, the volume of follow-ups, etc. to improve even further.